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Make Every Moment Count With Your Lancaster Smoke Detector

Replace your old-fashioned fire alarms with a Lancaster smoke detector that comes with ADT monitoring. These high-tech alarms sense both heat and smoke and respond to the first hints of fire. Then, if a sensor triggers, it instantly alerts your home and your round-the-clock monitoring center so you and your family can get to a safe place before the firefighter team arrives.


Why Buy A Monitored Smoke Detector In Lancaster?

Smoke detector in Lancaster.

When compared to other smoke alarms, ADT monitored fire detectors may have the earliest detection and the quickest response time. Here’s how it works:
  • Calibrated sensors for smoke and heat: Ordinary smoke alarms can sense excessive smoke. Your ADT-monitored fire detectors can sense smoke and heat to alert you to a fire earlier.

  • High-decibel alarm for inside the house: If your alarm detects smoke or rising heat, your system will alert your family with a very loud alarm so you can escape to safety.

  • Mobile phone notifications for when you’re away: When your Lancaster smoke detectors sense danger, you’ll also find a notification on your phone. Now you’ll know when your home is at risk if you’re at the office, running errands, or on a trip.
  • Fast response time from ADT monitoring: Your smoke detectors will also notify your ADT monitoring station. They’ll contact local emergency services right away while you get your kids and pets to safety.

Your Lancaster Smoke Alarms Perform Better When Included In Your Home Security System

Lancaster command center
The strongest fire protection comes when you sync your Lancaster smoke alarms to your home security system that comes with ADT monitoring. Not only do you receive the immediate response from your 24/7 ADT monitoring station, but you can also program automated actions with your connected devices. Here are a few things that are possible when you include fire protection with your ADT security system:
  • Remotely unlock your smart locks for emergency respondents.

  • Remotely shut down your fans with your smart thermostat to slow down the spread of fire.

  • Get emergency messages sent to your mobile device if smoke or fire is detected.

  • Remain in steady contact with ADT monitoring with the ADT Control app.

Monitored Security And Fire Protection Begins With A Complimentary Quote

When it comes to fire response, every moment counts. The initial step in replacing your Lancaster smoke detectors is to call Secure24 Alarm Systems We’ll talk through all your options and help you decide on the right security bundle with fire detection. With next day installs available in many areas of Lancaster, there is no better time to call (717) 256-1587 or fill out the online form below.